Paper Key : IRJ************490
Author: Mohamed Ajmal Mahasin M
Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
Chainless Bicycle System (CBS) is a setup which makes bicycles run on the road without chains. CBS uses a shaft-driven concept; it uses a drive-shaft for the transmission of power from the pedals to the wheels in place of chains. In the present era, development in internal gear technology produces various advantages. So, I decided to construct a bicycle using the shaft-driven system rather than using chain-driven. In this system, I use helical gears, shaft rod, slip joint and another two helical gears and the hub assembly. The rider pushes the pedal which rotates the shaft rod using helical gears at the front end. This rotating shaft has a helical gear at the rear end also which meshes with another helical gear on the rear hub along with the rear wheel and drive the rear wheel of bicycle. CBS is fully enclosed, requires less maintenance, and periodic lubrication through grease gun. Chainless Bicycle System is very comfortable and produces efficient transmission of power from the riders foot to the rear wheel. The riders footwear, pants do not get accidental damage. Cyclist of this chainless bicycle system does not get injured because of chain bite as in this system chain are not present.
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