Paper Key : IRJ************355
Author: Badad Mandar Nandkumar,Shubham Shashikant Pawar,Panchal Shivam Santosh,Khamkar Shubham Sudhir,Jagushte G. S.
Date Published: 01 May 2023
This essay covers the design and construction of an automatic hammering machine. To develop and construct an automatic hammering machine is the aim of this paper. We have also determined the maximum torque and hammering impact velocity for this. For numerous production processes in our project, such as riveting, upset forging, punching, etc., we need torque force. Additionally, since less time is needed for operation, it is advantageous for mass production. Using the computer-aided three-dimensional interactive tool Creo Parametric 2.0, we created a solid model of the project assembly for this project. Every component's snapshots are included in the file's design section. The motor, shaft, hammer, jigs, and fixtures make up the model. We create a conceptual model of an automatic hammering machine using this information. One of the innovative design concepts suggested is the automatic portable hammering machine, which enables quick and accurate hammering processes. It should be risk-free for users to use, and worker manual effort should be simple to use automatically. A laborer used a hammer in the past to drive nails, fit components, break apart, and other things.
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