Paper Key : IRJ************298
Author: Robin Rajan,Mighayel A.s,Nandu V Nair,Vidhya P.m,Saini Jacob Soman
Date Published: 03 Dec 2022
In our project, we implement a dog intrusion detection and breed classifier system to prevent the encounter with dogs in our college and find lost pet dogs in our college . We are planning to implement this by using a camera on a spot where the dogs are most likely to be seen in our college premises. When a dog comes into the Field of View (FOV) of the camera, the device scans the output image using machine learning as well as deep learning algorithms to detect the size and breed of the dog. A notification will be sent to the site mentioning the size of the dog so that students and faculty can avert the dog if it is not a small dog. The system is also implemented in such a way that it can be used to detect lost pet dogs in the college premises. As most of the pet dogs are of a specific breed, we can use the breed detection technology to detect the lost pet dogs. The breed of the lost pet dog must be fed into the system. If the breed of dog detected and the breed of the dog lost is same, the system will send notification to the owner of the lost oet dog with image detected to verify if its really theirs. We use python programming language and main hardware components used for this project are cameras and the hardware used would be raspberry pi or orange pi.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31854
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