Paper Key : IRJ************025
Author: Shaik Shahul
Date Published: 07 Nov 2022
Globalized delivery of manufacturing and agricultural production offer renewed attention to the health, efficiency, and validation of many vital criteria in the food and agricultural supply chain. That numbers of food safety and corruption hazards have generated an enormous need of an efficient traceability solutions which acts as an essential quality managements tools ensuring to enough products safety within the agriculture supply chain. Block chain is the revolutionary technological method, which provides the ground breaking result for commodity traceableness in agriculture and in food supply chains. Today's agricultural supplying chains are complicated ecosystems mixing several stakeholders making it difficult to validate several significant requirements mainly towards nation of first origin, crop growth phases, quality standards compliance, and yield monitoring. This paper proposes a strategy that levitates the block chain and conducts business operations effectively across the agricultural supply chain for tracking crop prices and traceability. The proposed framework solution discards the need for trusted centralized authority, intermediaries and offers records of the transactions, improving efficient science and safety with high integrity and reliability. All transactions are registered and then stored in block chains unchangeable ledger with linkages to a decentralized le network, thereby ensuring vary high degree of traceability and transparency in the supply chain ecosystem in a stable, reliable and in efficient manner. Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Food Supply Chain, Benefits, Challenges, Digital Agriculture
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS30968
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