Paper Key : IRJ************380
Author: Kaushal Talkokulwar
Date Published: 01 May 2023
This paper provides the exploration and development of a solar powered UPS to meet the alternate energy source conditions of homes and small services. It includes the design, analysis, exploration methodology used and the findings of the request study during the exploration. The design of the solar UPS includes an especially designed inverter circuit and a solar panel. The inverter circuit has been designed according to the conditions and specifications of solar panel. numerous sample circuits have been studied to optimize the being circuit. backing has also been taken from design masterminds of being UPSs in the request to see possible druthers in case of any factors failure or attainability. The paper provides study of possibilities of design and functionality of a solar powered UPS. It suggests that solar UPS can be a largely effective and successful volition to electrical UPSs in the request. There are two main factors in the design an out-of-door solar panel comprising of solar cells, which will convert solar energy into electrical energy and inverter circuit that will convert that energy into interspersing current to be used for home appliances. Keywords: UPS request, Renewable energy, Inverter Circuit, etc.
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