Paper Key : IRJ************825
Author: Amruta Kothavale ,Rutua Zodge,Rutuja Lokhande,Deepak Nakkanwar,Sumaira A. Shaikh
Date Published: 03 Nov 2022
ABSTRACT: Nowadays more and more individuals are turning to robots to do their work, because robots are more versatile, accurate, reliable and also reduce human efforts. Robotic arms are programmed robot with similar function of a human arm. Aim of our project is to develop a robotic arm which helps the physically handicapped person to write. The mechanism is programmed with speech recognition system and makes the user to write what he speaks. The robotic arm is programmed to write down the words that patient or individual pronounces to the microphone. To perform the writing operations, the robotic arm will be fitted with a pen. It can also make you draw small sketches. It will be a low cost device that can be programmed to enable the people who are physically challenged to write. This paper describes the basic design of automated writing arm. Keywords: Arduino Uno , Servo motor Classification, Ensemble method, High dimensional data.I.INTRODUCTION: We have the technologies like automatic speech writing machine, TTS, speech to text output, printers, scanners, etc. But the basic problem is it only writes only those fonts which the computer already has. That is Roman, Calibri, Arial, Impact, Georgia, etc. We want a machine which can write the full matter on a page by the ink of pen in our own personal hand writing. By using the concepts like CNC machines, wooden CNCs which make the design on wood by giving accurate feed to the driller . Similarly, we can use this Technology to make a machine for writing purpose also.
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