Paper Key : IRJ************129
Author: Kalyani Ijardar 1, Palak Jaiswal2, Mansi Dhakiter3 , Mayuri Kakde4 , Tushar Barai5
Date Published: 06 Dec 2022
Many persons with neurological disorders or those who have been paralyzed by an accident are unable to use computers for everyday chores like sending and receiving messages, browsing the internet, or watching their favourite TV shows or movies. It was found through a recent research study that because eyeballs move naturally when interacting with computing equipment, they are a fantastic candidate for ubiquitous computing.The ability to utilise computers again for these patients may be possible by utilising the underlying information from eye movements. In order to do this, we suggest an entirely eye-controlled mouse gesture control system. The goal of this effort is to create a free, open-source, general eye-gesture control system that can accurately track eye movements and let users conduct activities that are associated with particular eye motions or gestures using a computer webcam. It recognizes the user's pupil on their face and then monitors its movement. For the user to feel comfortable using it like other everyday devices, it must be accurate in real-time.
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