Paper Key : IRJ************232
Author: Umashankar Bhuyan,Dr. Ashwani Kumar,Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Date Published: 03 Sep 2022
Microgrids are gradually making their way from research labs and demonstration sites to the commercial markets, propelled by advancements in technology, declining costs, and expanding awareness of their advantages. This paper work proposes a Renewable energy based microgrid model with photovoltaic panels, and wind energy system as source, an energy storage system, and loads. In the proposed model to extract maximum power from solar PV cell and wind energy system MPPT algorithm is used. The voltage and current profile are maintained at a constant value by using low pass filters. DQ reference frame is used to design the inverter control for islanded and grid connected mode of operation. A LCL filter is placed at the output of inverter to reduce harmonics. The simulation profile is designed using MATLAB 2021b software. The proposed microgrid concept can run in an island mode or be connected to the main grid. The microgrid contains a DC bus to connect solar PV modules, WECS, and BESS elements. To connect the microgrid into grid, An DC-AC inverter is being designed. The simulation results are presented, and the results are discussed in detail which can help other researchers working on Renewable energy and microgrid control.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29594
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