Paper Key : IRJ************562
Author: Shubham Singh,Samarth Singh,Satyendra Kumar Pandey,Surya Rana,Dr. Ashok Kumar Madan
Date Published: 08 Nov 2022
Metal-based structural materials have gradually been replaced by stronger, lighter and more durable composites made from carbon fiber. In the last decade, carbon-based composites have had a greater or greater durability due to their wide application in various fields such as aerospace, wind energy, automotive, etc. equal to that of steel and comparable to that of a plastic. This technology has enormous future potential due to its widespread use in high-performance applications and is expected to have a significant impact on industrial manufacturing. This review article attempts to examine the various manufacturing methods of carbon fiber manufacture and the various developments that have occurred to date, as well as their application and future.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31083
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