Paper Key : IRJ************878
Author: Uttam Kumar,Md Altaf Alam,Apurva Kuwar,Bhagyashri Tambe,S.p. Sondawale
Date Published: 08 Nov 2022
This paper describes a smart parking system having reliable techniques for outdoor car location and identification. Although parking occupancy monitoring systems have advanced significantly. The revolutionary low-cost sensor system that is suggested in this research enables real-time parking occupancy monitoring and payment without requiring any driver or user intervention. The proposed on-board vehicle transceiver device sensor can be installed in every parking lot without the need to add new parts. As a result of lessening system complexity, infrastructure investment, and battery replacement costs, it provides advantages in terms of detection and payment dependability as well as lowered costs.Using a two-fold sensing method, a reliable vehicle detection and parking occupancy monitoring is accomplished. A series of motion detector and global positioning system sensing techniques are used. The proposed radio frequency wake-up mechanism wakes up the sensor when the car enters a parking area. As a result, the energy consumption is optimised, and a power-saving strategy is implemented with a power usage of only 20 W at a 3 V supply. The can be easily included into networks made up of intelligent vehicles. Keywords: RF wake-up sensor, Internet of Things (IoT), parking sensor, low-power sensor, smart parking, smart billing
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31036
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