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Author: Shivakumar K M ,Usha G,Chandrajith M
Date Published: 06 Sep 2022
With AgilePoint NX, you can build business applications (workflows) that connect via SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, Yammer, Lync Skype, and Dynamics CRM. AgilePoint NX apps run seamlessly on all versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint Online, and enable interaction with Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and many other line-of-business applications beyond Microsoft products. AgilePoint NX is a platform with that can build any number of applications, but many companies are interested in building apps and solutions that meet their needs. Not very enthusiastic about the platform. In this scenario, AgilePoint NX started building applications in various categories such as finance, talent, and ITMS. Not only can AgilePoint build applications, but many of Agile Points partners who are willing to provide end-user solutions can also build apps. AgilePoint Mobile App Accelerator is a web application which is built on HTML5 and Java Script. This application helps the user to customize the generic mobile dashboard by allowing them to filter down the list of app which are available and app package is downloadable so that user can upload to their store with their own certificate and upload it to store or store it a private space for internal access only.
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