Paper Key : IRJ************794
Author: Sai Geetheswaa Reddy C
Date Published: 04 Jan 2023
The Worlds rapidly evolving problems and waste problem is growing every day. Waste management is a major environmental issue in developed and developing countries. normally fossil fuels take million years for dead organisms to get converted into it and mainly it is a non-renewable resource considering it production of CNG and electricity production with CNG is solution for a renewable and eco friendly source. A replacement to those exhausting resources can be made by using Bio CNG. We can use many waste products like agricultural and animal residue, for preparing biogas and them petrol diesel can be replaced by Bio CNG. but using BIO CNG Directly in vehicles leads to corrosion of metal parts of engine, as the biogas may contain impurities even after refined and compressions. With the limited availability of petroleum products domestically, India is compelled to import over 75 percent of petrol products every year Bio CNG makes saving of huge import
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32750
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