Paper Key : IRJ************536
Author: Aditya Sanjay Deshmukh,Ajinkya Rajendra Gawade
Date Published: 05 Feb 2024
Project aims to implementing the E-doc system, with the help of applied QR Code and Keylogging security System allows user to request for any document without being physicallyvisiting the government offices. User just need to get registered in our system, by filling theregistration form. And later sign in using the User Id, Password, OTP and Shuffle Keypad. Oncelogins is success then user need to raise the request by filling form like Domicile, CasteCertificate, Non-Creamy layer etc. Then the information is reached to the regional office in theform secure QR Code. As a part of system, we have developed an android application, which isused by authorized person from regional office to scan the QR Code (Info sent by user forrequesting Document). If authorized officer found the information as per the set criteria, thenhe approves the request or else he deny it. It the request is approved then the requested documentgets generated in the form of pdf and is sent back to the user, so that he can download it. Theentire process takes place virtually
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