Paper Key : IRJ************355
Author: Dr.sangashetty Shetkar
Date Published: 05 Jan 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fast growing fields which are getting more attention in business world. Artificial Intelligence has already found application over many fields such as commercial and daily life. In current technological era innovations and advancements are happening at the blink of an eye. The utilization of AI in business can make the industry to rely on faster, inexpensive and more precise modes of marketing. Making use of this AI in marketing practices, an entrepreneur can benefit higher response from the audience and can achieve a strong competitive advantage. Apart from marketing, it also has the ability to renovate business with innovative ideas. It also delivers solution to complex tasks and thus helps in massive growth of business. It is to be noted and presented in this paper.Kay words: Artificial Intelligence (AI); Entrepreneur; Industry; Marketing;
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