Paper Key : IRJ************248
Author: Miss. Gajbhare Dipti S,Miss. Bhusari Pallavi K.,Prof. Musale Yogesh J,Prof. Gore Shankar D.,Prof. Miss. Nagare Bhakti S
Date Published: 04 Jan 2023
Abstract -: pharmacovigilance is the best way to reduce reaction the adverse drug reaction of drug and safe guide drug taken safe drug treatment during disease Condition. pharmacovigilance system run by main Component of pharmacovigilance i. e. adverse event management safety case management and individual case report.These review artice focus on aim component of pharmacovigillance and pharmacovigilance programme of India & studyof Valproic acid there adverse reactions and toxicology study.The valporic acid is antiepileptic class drug use in partial and generalised seizures. Main machanism of valporic acid is inhibition of GABA transaminase ultimately GABA metabolism decrease. The article report side effect, adverse drug reactions of valporic acid and safe use of valporic acid.
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