Paper Key : IRJ************984
Author: Mitesh Prashant Khandait,Prof. D.l. Falak,Swarnim Mohan Koteshwar,Utkarsh Singh,Mansi Bhagwan Upari
Date Published: 04 Nov 2022
In Human Computer Interaction (HCI), the finest invention is the mouse. Even though a wireless mouse or the Bluetooth mouse is in demand today, it still lacks in many fields like cost and power. This paper, therefore, puts forward a modern approach to regulate the mouse movements using a real-time camera with the help of the hand. It does not require any electronic device. Different hand gestures are used for various operations like swiping, clicking, scrolling, and dragging. Python and OpenCV will be used for the execution of the software. NumPy, Autopy and MediaPipe are the dependencies, which will be used for the execution of the system.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS30967
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