Paper Key : IRJ************439
Author: Rekha Biradar
Date Published: 02 Dec 2022
In recent years, the market for digital images has increased as we see the rise in multimedia technology. There is an immense amount of data when it comes to digital information. Where as in medical field, image compression plays a significant role. The fundamental purpose of image compression is to represent an image of an appropriate quality with a minimum number of bits. Many of the advanced medical imaging technologies are 3D images like CT, MRI are important in biomedical field. The advances in communication engineering are also enjoyed by modern medical field such as telemedicine. The work addressed in this review is dedicated to applying the most popular image compression methods available. We focus on 3D medical image compression in this analysis. The 3D images are in demand for storage and archiving services as well as for transmission over the network due to their enormous file size. And the storage of 3D images in the medical field for remote area diagnosis is now more common. Understanding and analyzing the methods used for medical image compression are the main goal of this paper.
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