Paper Key : IRJ************712
Author: Priyanka Chowrasia,Isita Lahiri
Date Published: 10 Feb 2024
Social media platforms have provided an ease of doing work with encouragement. And it has made itself a vital place in life by empowering them. Many researchers have done work defining social media's role and impact on various communities. This paper has attempted to investigate the factors that are helping women to empower themselves with the help of social media. For data collection, 634 homemakers were taken from age 35-50 yrs. For the data analysis, the researcher used exploratory factor analysis. The analysis shows that factors like developing self-restraint, reducing emotional strain, self-reliance, and social networking were statistically significant factors that positively impacted empowering homemakers via social media.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS49120
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