Paper Key : IRJ************526
Author: Dr. Rajesh Rathore,Ravi Sachade,Rohit Jakhar
Date Published: 04 Mar 2023
The noble task of feeding the world's population falls squarely on the shoulders of farmers. To put it simply, crops are plants that are cultivated for the sole purpose of being consumed by humans, either in their raw or processed forms. For practical reasons, people grow and tend to certain plants. The major purpose of this investigation was to analysis the present-day marketing of the papaya crop in the Indian state of Karnataka. The majority of our main data comes from in-person interviews and surveys.We have reached out to the Kutch area's Agricultural Product Marketing Committee (APMC) to collect secondary data. In the 201920 growing season, papaya is predicted to produce 8,293 tons from an area of 384 hectares, with a total market value of 498 lakhs. Four small farmers, thirteen medium farmers, and fifteen big farmers cultivated papaya throughout the 10 communities studied. In all, this is under 1% of the total number of responders.
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