Paper Key : IRJ************268
Author: Umesh Raju Virkar,Aishwaraya Vishnu Deshmukh,Nima Vishnu Sarade ,Aashish Ainath Joshi
Date Published: 08 Jan 2023
Android mobile based Security lock for Bike ignition is a replacement for traditional locks on the bike and two-wheelers We have designed android based bike locking system to avoid this problem. This project provides an additional security layer after the ignition lock. In this project, the user needs to insert a key and then the user needs to send a password from hisher mobile using an android app. Many times we forgot to carry the key of our bike or key gets lost in these case it is really difficult to get the bike started. This project is designed to solve this purpose. Concept behind this project is of relay operating using password entered through android mobile. It also turns on buzzer when wrong password is entered. Keyword: Bluetooth module, Microcontroller, Relay, buzzer, LCD, DC motor.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32745
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