Paper Key : IRJ************198
Author: Jamuna M
Date Published: 02 Sep 2022
With an enhancement in technology and data measuring sensors, there have been strived to utilize the new technical knowledge in various areas to improve the standard of human life. One of the fields of research that has been seen in the healthcare sector. Nowadays health issues have become a major problem that will be difficult to recognize earlier. Integrating Remote patient monitoring in chronic disease management can improve an individuals quality of life. It allows patients to be independent, prevents complications, and reduces personal costs. RPM facilitates these by providing care at the home. In addition, these patients and their caretakers feel comfort knowing that patients are being monitored continuously and that if problems arise required medication can be given. This is important when patients are managing self-care processes such as being paralyzed, immobilized, etc.As a result, this project attempted to solve a healthcare problem currently everyone is facing. The projects main objective was to design a remote healthcare system comprised of three divisions. The first portion is used for detecting patients vitals using particular sensors, the second is for sending data to cloud storage, and the last is for arranging the collected data for remote viewing. This data is analyzed by a doctor or guardian to monitor a patients health progress and take the required measures within a time.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29593
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