Paper Key : IRJ************910
Author: Abhishek Raj B B,Gagan R A,Dhanush J,Darshan Patel
Date Published: 07 Jan 2023
This paper represents a study on the home composting technique of solid waste generated at House hold. In the study we compare different methods which can be implemented into house hold composting for getting the best results. Most of the organic waste generated at homes end up in Landfill and turn into compost which cant be used anywhere. This compost, takes up space in landfill and sometimes also is a key contributor to fire hazards. Our solution to all this problem is to start composting at home using an economical model which will ease the composting process. The use of cow dung is easily available in India is used to start the composting process. With limited space in homes, our model uses vertical pipes which take up less space and can be used anywhere. The compost generated using the organic waste can be used as manure to grow plants. Using the Anerobic method to breakdown the waste, has a significant benefit of not producing lot bad odor. As the whole system is a closed model, the fly problem is also automatically tackled. The use of certain waste items can help in better composting rate and the quality of compost is improved. The generated compost properties will be studied in detail as well as the waste composition.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32812
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