Paper Key : IRJ************922
Author: Geeta Rawat,Mr. Sitender,Suraj Singh
Date Published: 03 May 2023
The study, design, and estimate of multi-story buildings that are susceptible to seismic conditions are the topics of the current work. Along with the dead load and live load, seismic loads are also applied, and beams, columns, and footings are designed. With its additional capabilities, the E-Tabs programme has gained popularity since it outperformed its predecessors in terms of data exchange for design and analysis. In the current situation, a G+2 construction with a ground floor, first floor, and second floor that is located in Gangavati (Koppal District) is taken into consideration for analysis. The seismic zone 2 is used for the analysis. According to IS 1893-2002, the building model has been examined and contrasted for the seismic zone for static load analysis and reaction spectrum analysis. The project's primary goal is to complete the analysis, design, and estimating of a multi-story building while guaranteeing that the economic and safety elements under seismic circumstances are satisfied while also achieving the intended use of the structure. Kani's approach is used in manual analysis to check the accuracy of the E tabs software's output. The analysisfindings are used to confirm that the building is suitable for its intended usage. A complicated structural system's forces, bending moment, stress, strain, and deformation or deflection are all calculated using E tabs software. For Storey Displacement, Storey Shear, and Base Shear, the results are compared. For the seismic zone, the results are obtained and displayed as graphs and tables.
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