Paper Key : IRJ************493
Author: Sengottaiyan M
Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
There are many farm equipments which are developed for the post harvesting of coconut. Mostly all the post harvesting operations are tedious jobs to perform. The dehusking of a coconut is regarded as the most time consuming, tiring, and difficult operation to perform. Many attempts has been done to perform this task of dehusking manually as well as mechanized. Traditionally this task of dehusking was performed by using different hand tools. By hand tools the dehusking depends on the skill of worker and involves training. In order to face this tedious job, we had introduced mechanized or the power operated machines. Coconut dehusking machine consists of high stabilized spikes on the rollers which are driven by means of external source. Due to the maximum torque experienced by the roller it creates the high force on the crushers. These forces help in removing the fibre coating of coconut easily.
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