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Author: Gandhi Raj Mayurkumar,Kunjan Khushal Dand
Date Published: 02 Mar 2023
The COVID-19 outbreak has shocked the world's economies in the year of 2020. As this pandemic spreads around the globe, many experts feared that the global food supplies might start running short particularly assuming stock chains were upset. COVID-19 likewise added to the vulnerability of the business activity. Hence, it is basic to comprehend what COVID-19 pandemic meant for worldwide food supply and market. In this review, we research the effect of COVID-19 on horticultural product organizations in China utilizing a novel firm-level overview information. We saw that as albeit on normal rural organizations experienced decreases in the commodities, products of a few farming items particularly grain and oil major areas of strength for held even expanded, suggesting the fundamental interest for staple food during the pandemic. Of course, commodities of restorative spice likewise expanded altogether during the pandemic. Nonetheless, commodities of merchandise, for example, palatable organism and plant items pointedly diminished. Our outcomes likewise showed that as a general rule, effect of COVID-19 on more modest firms was more extreme than that on bigger firms
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