Paper Key : IRJ************721
Author: Prakash Bhikoba Kamble
Date Published: 02 Sep 2022
Ethno-medico botanical survey was carried out to collect the information on the use of some antipyretic activity of plants used by local people of Bhor taluka, Pune District, A total 45 of plant species are used to cure fever and it was belonging to 28 families and 42 genera have been recorded through structured questionnaires in consultations with the community practitioners. For curing fever the use of above ground plant parts was higher (73.33%) than the underground plant parts(26.66%) Out of 45 plants species the above ground plant parts, leaf was used in the majority of cases (20 species), followed by whole plant part (3 species), fruit (5 species), flower (5 species), root (8 species ), and rhizome (4 species ), were also found to be in use by the local people for antipyretic activity of plants. The present paper implies the potential of the traditional knowledge for the mankind. Some of the interesting plants is Aleuritopteris farinose (Pteridophyte plant.)
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