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Author: Deeksha Hs,Anurag Ranjan,P Leela Pravallika,Sahana A Goudar,Rajeshwari P
Date Published: 03 Jan 2023
One of the most vital problems in developing countries is conservation of roads. Well maintained roads contribute a significant portion to the countrys economy. Spotting of pavement distress like potholes helps drivers to avoid accidents or vehicle damages, conjointly helps authorities to take care of roads. Many on- going projects in the field of transport networks are operating in the direction of providing driver with relevant data concerning roads and traffic movements. In secondary Indian roads, one often encounters pot holes which can be either dry or water-filled. Accordingly, to ensure safe driving, it is imperative to detect potholes and estimate their depths in either condition. In this project, we develop a Raspberry Pi-based sensing model, where such detection and depth-estimation can be accomplished using the model, which will discharge the required number of materials which is needed for the detected pothole and to do the levelling process on the discharged material and hence the pothole on the road can be filled completely. In this project we are also providing manual control of Model if the user doesnt want to use the automatic control, then he can monitor using android application which has all control of model applications, like forward, backward, left, right, roll and fill. KEYWORDS: Raspberry Pi, Automatic control, Depth estimation, Android application
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