Paper Key : IRJ************491
Author: Prajwal V S
Date Published: 08 Nov 2022
In fruit harvesting systems, automatic yield counting of strawberries becomes a big issue. Image processing techniques minimizes the manual task of recognizing and counting the strawberries. In this paper, an image processing system for automatic segmentation and yield prediction of strawberries is proposed on the basis of color and shape features is being performed. Initially the preprocessing is done on input strawberries images. Then it is converted from RGB to HSV color space to detect the fruit region of strawberries from its background. Color thresholding is used to mask the strawberry images. Gaussian filter is used to remove noise.The contour of the strawberry image is taken. Then these strawberry images are processed by image processing algorithm. Color and shape based counting of strawberries is presented at the output. The edge detection and combination of a circular fitting algorithm is applied for the automatic segmentation and automatic counting of strawberries in the image. Different types of strawberries (orangetangerine, pomegranate, apple ,lemon, mango, cherry and papaya) are used for automatic counting. Open CV Python software is used to perform the required image processing operations.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31072
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