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Author: Mudigoudar Shashantgouda Kantanagouda Pushpa,Shubham Sudhir Ghorpade Suhasini,Sahil Rajendra Londhe Sheetal,Adepu Shivakumar Rajeshwar Sujata,Chetan Thakur
Date Published: 07 Nov 2022
Formula SAE is a student competition run by the Society of Automobile Engineers in which students design, manufacture, and operate an open-wheel racing car prototype. While doing so, the student team must adhere to a number of rules set forth by the FSAE rules committee for designing the vehicle, some of which pertain to the design of the intake manifold. The primary goal of this article is to assess the available data or results related to designing an intake system for an FSAE vehicle, which is accomplished through analyzing, categorizing, comparing, and summarizing previously published literatures on the subject. For an FSAE vehicle, designing the air intake system mostly entails the design of the inlet-outlet (convergence-divergence) angle for the restrictor valve (Venturi), the determination of the volume and shape of the pressure stabilizing chamber (plenum) and the design of the intake manifold length (runner). Thus, this article covers all the factors, terminologies, mathematical equations, technical considerations, theories, and guidelines related to designing an air intake manifold as well as the disciplined steps which, in each instance, provide proper accessibility between the previous and next step that are followed by different teams or groups of students during their design phase.Keywords: FSAE, Intake System, Venturi, Restrictor, Plenum, Runner, manifold, Convergent, Divergent.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31015
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