Paper Key : IRJ************053
Author: Vishnuvarthini E,Logavani K
Date Published: 01 Apr 2024
The expanded requirement for renewable sources of energy systems in order to generate the power, store energy, and connect the energy storage devices with applications has turned into a major challenge. Energy storage using batteries is in the majority of suitable cases for energy sources like solar, wind, etc. In this paper, three-port converter is designed and simulated for battery energy storage, interfaced with an output drive. Based on the requirements, the power that is extracted from the solar panel during the daytime is utilized to charge the batteries through the three-port converter. The proposed three-port converter in terms of operating principles and power flow can significantly enhance the system efficiency. To develop the suggested approachs control hardware, and prototype model results are obtained to test the proposed three-port converter control systems efficiency and practicality. Overall, the efficiency of the converter's output has shown an improvement. The success rate is 96.5% when charging an ESS, 98.1% when discharging an ESS, and 95.7% overall.
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