Paper Key : IRJ************746
Author: Juned Hakim Shaikh,Abhishek Ganesh Takale,Komal T. Mohite
Date Published: 03 Nov 2022
Heart-related illnesses have emerged to be the most dangerous condition worldwide in recent years, accounting for a significant portion of deaths worldwide. not just in India, but everywhere. There is a demand for a trustworthy and a timely and accurate method of disease diagnosis and treatment for appropriate care. Automating the diagnostic process and therapy Machine Learning methodologies are using the medical dataset as a test case. As technology develops, Machine Learning techniques have been employed by researchers in the detection of cardiac problems to aid in healthcare industry. By displaying "True" or "False," if a person has that disease or not, it is also expected when matching to a specific heart disease. Future medical therapy could greatly benefit from the prediction of such a system.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS30965
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