Paper Key : IRJ************787
Author: Mainuddin Shah,Anshum Nandgave,Aman Sahu,Toshal Gabhane
Date Published: 05 Dec 2022
Object recognition is a modern computing technology related to image processing, deep learning, and computer vision for recognizing objects present in image files. All technologies used in object detection engineering are concerned with detecting instances of objects in images or videos. The application system presented here helps visually impaired people to recognize surrounding objects and navigate safely without colliding with objects on their Android-based mobile phones or PCs. Objects are detected based on real-time video recorded by the mobile phone's camera. I am using OpenCV, YOLO and DNN to recognize people and things from this video. If a person is detected, the system identifies that person. Object detection uses Open CV for image processing, video capture, and analysis, including features such as face detection and object detection.
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