Paper Key : IRJ************845
Author: Nathanael B Prasad
Date Published: 01 Sep 2022
The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had an immense impact on world health and daily life in many countries. Sturdy observing of the initial site of infection in patients is crucial to gain control in the struggle with COVID-19. The early automated detection of the recent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will help to limit its dissemination worldwide. Many initial studies have focused on the identification of the genetic material of coronavirus and have a poor detection rate for long-term surgery. The first imaging procedure that played an important role in COVID-19 treatment was the chest X-ray. Radiological imaging is often used as a method that emphasizes the performance of chest X-rays. Recent findings indicate the presence of COVID-19 in patients with irregular findings on chest X-rays. There are many reports on this topic that include machine learning strategies for the identification of COVID-19 using chest X-rays. Other current studies have used non-public datasets and complex artificial intelligence (AI) systems.
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