Paper Key : IRJ************428
Author: Mohammed Yusuf Jamal Aziz Azmi,Israr Ahmad,Mohammed Zainul Arefeen,Daaniyal Ahmed,Hussam Bin Mehare
Date Published: 04 Sep 2022
Object Detection based Vehicle Damage Detection system can potentially save insurance companies Million. In this paper we propose a Vehicle Damage Detection System based on YOLO v4. We created a dataset of damaged vehicles and annotated regions consisting of Dents, Shattered Glass, damaged tail lights and scratches . We then pre-processed the images inline with the requirements of YOLO v4 and trained the model to achieve an mAP@50 of 81.20 . The system proposed in this paper surpasses all previously proposed methods and gives promising results.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29626
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