Paper Key : IRJ************042
Author: Aditya Patil,Prathamesh Regade,Nilesh Chougule
Date Published: 01 Jul 2024
Calotropis procera, commonly known as the Apple of Sodom or Milkweed, is a versatile medicinal plant with a rich history in traditional medicine. This comprehensive review synthesizes the existing literature on the pharmacological properties of Calotropis procera, shedding light on its diverse therapeutic potentials and associated mechanisms of action.The paper encompasses an exploration of Calotropis procera's bioactive compounds, highlighting the presence of cardenolides, alkaloids, flavonoids, and other secondary metabolites that contribute to its pharmacological activities. The plant has demonstrated promising anti-inflammatory effects, attributed to its ability to modulate various inflammatory pathways. Furthermore, Calotropis procera exhibits significant antioxidant properties, potentially conferring protection against oxidative stress-related diseases.The review delves into the plant's antimicrobial properties, showcasing its efficacy against a range of pathogens. Calotropis procera also demonstrates notable wound healing attributes, making it a subject of interest for the development of novel therapeutic agents. Additionally, the potential anti-cancer properties of Calotropis procera are explored, emphasizing its impact on cell proliferation, apoptosis, and angiogenesis in various cancer models.Moreover, the paper provides insights into the plant's effects on the cardiovascular system, neuroprotective properties, and its influence on reproductive health. The review critically assesses the existing evidence, highlighting gaps in knowledge and suggesting avenues for future research.
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