Paper Key : IRJ************138
Author: Arnav Gaikwad,Mahesh Shinde,Vikrant Tekale,Shreyash Sable,Nilesh Awghade
Date Published: 01 May 2023
Anti-theft apps are designed to protect mobile devices from unauthorized access and locate them if lost or stolen. The article explains the benefits of anti-theft apps and their importance for individuals who store sensitive data on their devices. It highlights the essential features of an anti-theft app, such as GPS tracking, remote lock, and fake shutdown system, and explains how these features can deter thieves and increase the chances of recovering lost devices. The article also describes how a combination of frontend and backend technologies is required to create an effective anti-theft app, with Android serving as the frontend interface, Java as the backend language, and SQL as the database management system. Overall, this article provides an overview of the importance of anti-theft apps and the technologies involved in their development.
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