Paper Key : IRJ************660
Author: Md Ismail,Sai Vinay G,Owais Ahmed Malik,Nishanth S,Spoorthy S S
Date Published: 05 Jan 2023
In this project we came to know about various aspects of GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Geographic Co-ordinate system- Latitude and Longitude which is measured in degrees, minutes and seconds or decimal degrees. Different types of maps such as Digital Elevation model, contour, layout, continental network, soil and slope map. Topo sheets- Coordinates, water bodies, streams, drainage network, road and railway network, settlement or habitation, contours, relative heights of bunds or river banks, legends, administrative boundary, topo index.Scale is the ratio of maps units to ground units. Watershed analysis includes division of water bodies such as region, basin, catchment, sub catchment, watershed, sub watershed, mini watershed, and micro watershed.Geo referencing of topo sheets is the process of assigning real-world coordinates to each pixel of the raster.Morphometric analysis of the watershed includes quantitative analysis of size and shape. For example drainage networks, stream ordering, stream numbering, etc.
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