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Author: Kshitija Shivaji Shinde,Shveta Suresh Jathar,Rohit Dattatray Sherkar,Payal Pradip Patil,Abhay N. Adapanwar
Date Published: 01 Nov 2022
Road traffic accidents are the primary cause of fatalities in India and the rest of the world.. These accidents not only lead to serious injuries but also lead to death. So, nowadays, awareness towards road signs is necessary in order to have a safe and smooth circulation of transportation. Number of accidents are increased due to insufficient knowledge about the road sign which are there to guide drivers about upcoming directions, surrounding and construction works. This survey paper focuses on various algorithms and techniques that have high efficiency of detection and recognition. The proposed systems discussed in all the papers will aid all the drivers to identify the road signs and send voice alert to driver to take appropriate decision while driving. A model is built with a dataset which may contains number of traffic signs under various conditions such as weather- foggy weather, rainy day, bright light and etc. with number of categories in it such as color and shape of sign board. This dataset can be used to train and test the model for its proper working which may give more accurate result. Many methods are discussed below to achieve the same from different papers.Keywords: Traffic Sign Recognition, Convolution Neural Network, Voice Alert System, Image Processing, YOLO.
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