Paper Key : IRJ************116
Author: Shubham Patel,Sarvesh Lowanshi,Vikas Rawat,Shivam Chouhan
Date Published: 02 Dec 2022
The main purpose of this project is to build a face recognition based attendance monitoring system for employees to enhance and upgrade the current attendance system into more efficient and effective as compared to before. The current old system has a lot of ambiguity that caused inaccurate and inefficient of attendance taking. Many problems arise when the authority is unable to enforce the regulation that exist in the old system. The technology working behind will be the face recognition system. The human face is one of the natural traits that can uniquely identify an individual. Therefore, it is used to trace identity as the possibilities for a face to deviate or being duplicated is low. In this project, face databases will be created to pump data into the recognizer algorithm. Then, during the attendance taking session, faces will be compared against the database to seek for identity. When an individual is identified, its attendance will be taken down automatically saving necessary information into a excel sheet. At the end of the day, the excel sheet containing attendance . Keywords- Smart Attendance System,RFID,OpenCV,Numpy
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