Paper Key : IRJ************679
Author: Shafika Shakil Nadaf,Soundarya Gopal Udagatti,Pratiksha Bajirao Koli,Jyoti Alok Koik,A.y.kerle
Date Published: 05 Mar 2023
This project presents a noble system to detect and locate vehicle thefts. If an unauthorized person tries to steal the vehicle as well as with rising technologies and developed automobiles with high end motor vehicles with increase horsepower and accessible speed, it is easier than ever to come in contact with accidents. People are able to drive recklessly, affecting the safety of common people. Although speed limits and other prevention laws were implemented, road accidents continue to happen every day. Some of the main contributing factors leading to motor vehicle accidents are Drowsy driving, rash driving and drunk driving.Feeling sleepy while driving could cause hazardous traffic accident. However, when driving alone on highway or driving over a long period of time, drivers are inclined to feel bored and sleepy, or even fall asleep.Nowadays most of the products of driver anti-sleep detection sold in the market are simply earphone making intermittent noises, which is quite annoying and inefficient. As such, there is a high demand for cheap and efficient driver sleep detection. Therefore, we came up with an idea and successfully developed a sleepy detection and alarming system, which could effectively meet this demand.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34104
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